execution order of stacks

Tony Moller tony.moller at drcs.com
Fri Aug 23 15:07:00 EDT 2002

on 8/23/02 2:44 PM, Richard Gaskin at ambassador at fourthworld.com wrote:

> PS: Why do you need the Prefs stack open invisibly?  Remember that you can
> access objects and properties of stacks without explicitely opening them.
> Accessing parts of a stack does cause the file to be read into memory, but
> it is not officially open per se and so you don't need to worry about hiding
> it.


This helps a lot. Thanks for the explanation. I'll work on it tonight and
let you know how it goes. As for opening the prefs substack in a hidden
mode, I thought you had to do that to make it available. At least that¹s the
only way I could get it to work, but I'll see how it goes once I get all the
open/preopen stack handlers cleaned up.

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