If it equals?

Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Thu Aug 22 13:30:01 EDT 2002

On Thursday, August 22, 2002, at 10:22 AM, Josh Dye wrote:

> One more thing I forgot to mention. I would like to include the Coded
> Password on the same line of the Name. How would I retrieve the 
> password
> after the person has entered his name, and make sure it is the correct
> password? Thanks!

Off the top of my head...

function nameAndPasswordAreOK theName thePassword
    put uniqueCombinedNP(theName,thePassword) into np
    return the np is among the lines of URL "file:nameandpassword"
end nameAndPasswordAreOK

function uniqueCombinedNP theName thePassword
    --Put the pair into "canonical" form.
    return theName,thePassword
    --Add code to above to get rid of extra spaces,
    --to make capitalization uniform, etc, if needed.
end uniqueCombinedNP

Make the file so this works.


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