force exit a handler

Klaus Major k_major at
Thu Aug 22 13:37:01 EDT 2002

Hi Tony,

> on 8/22/02 1:39 PM, Klaus Major at k_major at wrote:
>>> How do you force stop a handler from executing? I think I got myself
>>> into an
>>> infinite loop.
>> congrats and welcome to the club ;-)
> Thanks! I knew I'd get here one day :)

Yeah, it's nice in here, isn't it ?! :-)

>> Try cmd-. (Period)
> Tried that. Didn't work. Although, I should add that I was not stuck 
> in a
> loop like I thought I was.

Nevertheless you are still a member of this exclisive club ;-)

> Rev didn't like this statement:
>   put roll into next line of field "cpdieresults"
> I though that should work, but I guess not. If anyone knows the right 
> way to
> phrase this, it would some me some lines of code...
> Tony

If you mean "the next available and free line in fld cpdieresults ;-)" 
then try

put roll & CR after fld "cpdieresults" ## ;-)


Klaus Major
k_major at

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