Stacks and substacks of a filename

Matt Denton matt.denton at
Tue Aug 13 17:35:03 EDT 2002

Dear Ken and Richard

Thank you both for your kind help, I'm not sure what weird planet I was 
on last night, I did try a similar construct but got an error.   Many 
thanks for your kind help on something that is so simple and trivial -- 
I knew it would be!

> I know this sounds too easy, but since you can say:
>   answer the mainStack of stack "/mydisk/revdocs/thisStack.rev"
>   answer the substacsk of stack "/mydisk/revdocs/thisStack.rev"
> No.  Any time any process needs information stored in a file, it will 
> have
> to open the file to read it.  With stack files in Rev, this will cause 
> it to
> be read into RAM.  Setting the destryStack property to true should help
> minimize its presence in RAM when it's not needed.  Sad term,
> "destroyStack":  while it means what it does in C++, for scripters it's 
> an
> unnecessarily alarming term; it simply means to destry the copy in RAM 
> when
> the stack is closed; the actual stack file is not destroyed.

As you can see from my question "mainstack and substacks of 
"/mydisk/revdocs/thisStack.rev"?" in the late night haze I was 
neglecting to put stack before the path of the stack... a small but 
essential keyword wouldn't you say?  How dumb of me.  Thanks again, it 
is a beautiful morning and the haze has lifted...

Matt Denton

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