Stacks and substacks of a filename

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 13 11:35:01 EDT 2002

Matt Denton writes:

> I've been wading through the docs again, trying to find out what the
> mainStack and subStacks of a file is.  For example, what is the
> mainstack and substacks of "/mydisk/revdocs/thisStack.rev"?  Can you
> find this out without opening the file and loading into memory?

No.  Any time any process needs information stored in a file, it will have
to open the file to read it.  With stack files in Rev, this will cause it to
be read into RAM.  Setting the destryStack property to true should help
minimize its presence in RAM when it's not needed.  Sad term,
"destroyStack":  while it means what it does in C++, for scripters it's an
unnecessarily alarming term; it simply means to destry the copy in RAM when
the stack is closed; the actual stack file is not destroyed.

To get the mainstack of a stackfile:

  get the mainstack of stack "/MyDrive/MyStack.rev"

To get the substacks of a stack file:

  get the substacks of stack "/MyDrive/MyStack.rev"
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