Stacks and substacks of a filename

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Tue Aug 13 10:24:01 EDT 2002


I know this sounds too easy, but since you can say:

  edit script of stack "/mydisk/revdocs/thisStack.rev" 

in the Message Box, I'd assume you could also say:

  answer the mainStack of stack "/mydisk/revdocs/thisStack.rev"
  answer the substacsk of stack "/mydisk/revdocs/thisStack.rev"


Does this not work?

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Subject: Stacks and substacks of a filename

> Heya-all.  I've been having stacks of fun...
> I've been wading through the docs again, trying to find out what the 
> mainStack and subStacks of a file is.  For example, what is the 
> mainstack and substacks of "/mydisk/revdocs/thisStack.rev"?  Can you 
> find this out without opening the file and loading into memory?
> I've checked: openstacks; mainstacks; mainstack; substacks; the 
> stackFiles; owner; effective filename; and stacks property.   It is 
> pretty easy to find the filename of a stack, and substacks of a 
> mainstack, ie the reverse of what I wan to do.  Or the mainstack of a 
> substack.  But I'm stumped trying to find the stacks in a file, plus any 
> substacks.
> I must be overlooking something pretty simple, oui?  I can do a kludge 
> by comparing the list before and after, but this seems pretty 
> convoluted, plus you have to load the file.  Plus you have to cycle 
> through to find which  of the new list is the mainstack.  There is an 
> easier way, right?  I'm just up too late, right?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Cheers,
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