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Scott Raney raney at metacard.com
Tue Aug 13 12:40:01 EDT 2002

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002 tom witte <tmw at his.com> wrote:

> I need in part to control and manipulate QT movies.
> I need to make and display timecode tracks.
> I need to be able to go to specific timecodes timecode tracks in QT 
> movies. In movies that are > 2 gig. 

There shouldn't be any problem dealing with files this large from
MC/RR, but I'd recommend not crossing that boundary as a matter of
sanity: there are just too many thing that can go wrong with files
when you cross the long-integer (32 bits - 1 bit for sign) boundary to
make this a viable development plan.  Better to just split the movie
into more managable chunks and change the fileName property of the
player as needed to show the appropriate chunk.

> I can make TC track with and apple's "QTTimeCode" tool.
> Description:
> <http://developer.apple.com/samplecode/Sample_Code/QuickTime/TimeCodes/QTTi
> meCode.htm>
> The tool:
> <ftp://ftp.apple.com/developer/Sample_Code/QuickTime/TimeCodes/QTTimeCode.s
> it>
> and do manipulation and playing Hypercard and Applescript. 
> With this tool, HC and AppleScript I can do every thing I want to do, but 
> since we started using > 2 gig files the timecode track is incomplete and 
> incorrect.
> I suspect problem is  "QTTimeCode" tool but I have not full researched. 
> I am wishing that there would be a rich set of tools in Rev for QT that 
> would include TC tracks. 
> Yet I don't see QT mentioned in any of the documentation. 
> The section on Video seems light. 
> Can (I hope) Rev make timecode tracks in a QT movie?

No, there is no built-in support for creating QT movies (or even
adding to them).  Worse, in your case, there isn't even any way to
access the information in a time code track from the player object.
This is a job for an external.  Note that you can continue to use the
player object if you prefer, using the movieControllerID property to
access the internal data structures the external would need to deal
with the movie directly.

> Am I missing something?
> Anyone have some suggestions?
> (I have posted request for help to Apple's QT list). 

Hope you have better luck there than we have ;-)

> Thanks
>  Tom Witte

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