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> Subject: Re: Can I automate the process of getting New Reference Controls?
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> Mike,
> Are you bringing in one player per music file? You don't need to do that =
> (unless that's how you want it). You can have one Player control and =
> then point the control to the music file by setting its 'filename' =
> property.
> Hope this helps,
> Ken Ray
> Sons of Thunder Software

Would I have to supply a filepath for each title? Up to this point, I have 
been working withing my own little stack world, and have not ventured out 
much into looking for files in the rest of the hard drive. Below is the 
script of the field that contains all of the music titles in the music 
folder. This works fine to simply play songs individually(with a player for 
each). Of course, if nothing is screwing up I fix it with this playlist 
thing. I'm wondering how I could incorporate changing to the option you 
mention from this.... then again, I have been looking at this screen for too 
long. Maybe an Old Nick is in order.

on mouseUp
  global muse --keeps me from specifying each title
  if muse is not empty then --gets an error without this if nothing is in muse
  stop player muse --stops current player
  set the currentTime of player muse to 0 --resets the player to the beginning
end if
get the value of the clickLine --song title
  put it into muse --puts the player name(song title) into muse
  put it into field"currentplay" --just a field with current title playing
  start player muse --plays new song
end mouseUp

 Thanks. I am going to play with your idea a while.
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