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Sun Aug 11 19:55:01 EDT 2002

Here's how I do it:

Write your AppleScript & test it in the AppleScript editor with fake 
data in your variables.
Copy the script and put it into a custom property somewhere in your 
Edit the script to put placeholders where you variables will go
e.g. put **var1** into asVar1
where **var1** represents your Rev data and asVar1 is the variable name 
used by the AppleScript

Then in your Rev script do the following:

put the cScriptProperty of me into theScript
replace "**var1**" with field "my Variable" in theScript
-- repeat this for all your variables
do theScript as AppleScript

The HyperCard method suggested will not work as it relies on the fact 
that HyperCard itself is AppleScriptable, while Revolution is not.


On Friday, August 9, 2002, at 06:59  pm, paolo mazza wrote:

> How can I set the value of a  variable in an Applescript piece of code 
> to a
> field of a stack in REV?
> Am I supposed to use the clipboard?
> Thanks, Paolo
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