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Sun Aug 11 13:15:00 EDT 2002

 Concerning my litle jukebox... I have a button that will save selected song 
titles  from the general index of all of the music in a folder. In doing so, 
it creates a field and the user names it. It also puts the name of the field 
into another field as the name of the playlist. You can have a list of 
playlists each representing a field with the song titles listed beginning 
from line 2.
 When the I click on the name of the playlist, I am trying to play the titles 
in order of their line number in the field holding them.
The problem, (and despite the docs) I wind up with two files playing 
 I have tried find the correct command to let one line (song title) to 
complete before moving to the next line and playing the next title. 
Below is the script I am using.

on mouseUp
  global muse  -- used so as not to have to specify each file name
  put 2 into theline -- Titles begin at line two of each saved playlist field
  put the value of the clickLine into theload --puts the name of the saved 
playlist field into local variable theload
repeat the number of lines of field theload times -- field theload is the 
field the song/player titles are stored in.
  put line theline of field theload into muse
  start player muse
  -- wait for ??????--This is where the trouble begins. Don't let anyone tell 
you you can't play two audio files at once. At least, I can! 
  add 1 to theline
  end repeat
end mouseUp

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