Mr Tea mrtea at
Sun Aug 11 11:52:01 EDT 2002

This from Terry Vogelaar - dated 10-8-02 04.58 am:

> So any AppleScript-variable can be sent to RunRev and vice versa
> this way.

As an AppleScript enthusiast, I'm keen to find out more about integrating
RunRev Stacks with AppleScripts. I'm still fumbling for the doorbell with
Revolution, though, and as a consequence my attempts to understand the
script that Terry posted have led to nausea, searing pains in my frontal
lobe and an urgent need to lie down.

If there's any further information or examples out there (or in the
documentation) about integrating AS with RR, could someone please point me
to it?

My main interest at this stage would be in using RunRev as a front end that
can launch/run applescripts and pass information entered by the user to


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