Can I automate the process of getting New Reference Controls?

MFitz53 at MFitz53 at
Sat Aug 10 15:16:01 EDT 2002

I am making a jukebox with rev 1.1.1 just to relearn the little I knew about 
All seems to be going well with it except for having to enter all of the 
music files
I'm hoping for a few ideas as to how to automate getting new referenced 
controls for a player. I see no option to include an entire folder for this.
As it is, I have to go under file to New Referenced Control to Quicktime 
Supported File..., bring it in and name each player. That's pretty tough on 
the eyes after a few gigs of music. Any pointers(assuming there is another 
By the way, I'm running RR on a PC , win98se.
Mike Fitz
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