No picture in Windows build

Eric Buijs ebuijs at
Thu Aug 8 15:31:01 EDT 2002

op 07-08-2002 23:43 schreef Ken Ray op kray at

> Could you give us a better example of what you mena by "scrolling up" with a
> label field? I don't quite understand. Is the field a scrolling field? (If
> so, it wouldn't be a label field) If not, does the *window* scroll via a
> scrollable group?  As you can see, I don't quite understand your situation.


I do use the Label Field and in the properties of this field I have the
vertical scrollbar tickbox enabled (this tickbox is in the last tab of the
properties window).
However just to be sure I also used the Scrolling field. This gave the same

Whenever I push the scroll up on the vertical scrollbar the text gets messed
up. When after this I push the scroll down on the vertical scrollbar
everything is back to the original (correct) situation again.

Your question made me wonder why I have so many choices in different
"textfields" (Label field, Scroll field, Field)? With the properties window
I (apparantly) can give them similar properties.
If neccesary I could send you a jpeg of a screendump of the problem.



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