[REQ] chat client testers

Shao Sean shaosean at unitz.ca
Wed Aug 7 16:05:17 EDT 2002

I'm looking for testers for our MDSS Community chat client. Testers will be
supplied with an older version (v1.01) of the client (this is to test the
ability of the server to handle multiple sessions concurrently).

v1.0.1 of the client works very much like the "chatter client" available for
download from RunRev's website, and was actually developed while using
chatter for our communication tool until ours was done..

- chat (only the one room)
- userlist (see who is online, this is the reason we wrote the program in
the first place)
- easy set status (let others know if you're available or not)

The code is locked, for now, and will be released publicly once we're done
with the new version.

- for some reason the code panics in MacOSX on our test machine so you'll
need to run it in classic MacOS

You will need RunRev v1.1.1 or greater and MetaCard 2.4.1 or better (the
code does run in the starter kit). Please contact me off list if you're
interested, and I'll email you the code (let me know if you want RunRev /MC
and Stuffed /ZIPped).

Shao Sean

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