Can I use Revolution for this?

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Sat Aug 3 12:22:01 EDT 2002

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> Again, the question is, why should I have to go through this? By
> paying for the license, I should be able to create a stack to do
> pretty much whatever I want without having to jump through such
> hoops. At the very least, all of these limits should be doubled for
> standalones produced from a licensed copy of Revolution. That too is
> arbitrary, but would still protect Run Rev from their evident fear of
> my producing a competing product. It also rewards me for purchasing
> the product from them by lifting some of the limits imposed on
> standalones produced without giving them some income (i.e., only
> using the starter kit.)
> Of course, if these limits are actually imposed by MetaCard, I don't
> know if there is any easy way around this for them. However, they
> could still push to have all of these limits increased. It would make
> the product more applicable to a wider range of developers. If
> HyperCard were cross-platform and still produced, I wouldn't have to
> deal with these issues.

These *are* MetaCard imposed limits, but quite honestly, most of the cases
IMHO where you might think you need to create new scripts on the fly can be
done in different methods that are totally compliant with MC/Rev. Also, if
you are looking to create tools/utilities to help the MC/Rev developer with
easy script creation, you can do that *inside* the MC/Rev environment and
thereby not encounter the standalone limitations.

As a long time HyperCard - then SuperCard - then MetaCard developer, I
thought this limitation was a bit much myself at first (just like I thought
I'd never get past the MetaCard UI :-), but in the 5 years I have used
MetaCard, it has never been a problem for me.

Can you give me an example of what you might want to do that you think these
script limitations prevent you from doing?

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