Can I use Revolution for this?

Dan Shafer dan at
Sat Aug 3 11:12:01 EDT 2002

>At 2:49 PM +0200 8/3/02, Björnke von Gierke wrote:
>>It was amazing to read Dan mentioning scriptExpert - I had just 
>>conceived of the
>>possibility of such a thing a couple of days ago, and now I hear it 
>>has existed
>>for years on Hypercard (now I desperately want to see that 
>>working.... does it
>>still exist? would it work with Revolution or would there be too 
>>many Hypertalk
>>specifics missing?)
>I would like to see that stack too! (if aviable)

Well, the original HyperCard stack would actually probably work but 
it would be incomplete and undoubtedly need some tweaking. It was 
pretty comprehensive; I don't think there were any HyperTalk commands 
or functions it didn't implement. Transcript has a lot more to 
implement and it does a stricter job of enforcement of some syntax 
rules on which HyperTalk was pretty forgiving.

OTOH, my ScriptExpert program would at the very least function as a 
useful specification and prototype and probably some large percentage 
of it would simply work right out of the box.

So what kind of demand would there be for such a tool? It was a 
qualified success in the world of HyperCard. Experienced scripters 
thought it just got in the way but newbies and hobbyists seemed to 
love it because it made it unnecessary to memorize complex commands 
and functions and because it generated HyperTalk that was always 
visible in a field so it was a great learning tool.

If I thought it had a chance of both selling enough copies to recoup 
my investment of time and helping people make better or more 
efficient use of Transcript, I'd be tempted to port and extend it.

Takers? (You might want to respond to me privately rather than 
cluttering the list.)
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