Can I use Revolution for this?

Ken Ray kray at
Sat Aug 3 12:18:00 EDT 2002


> Again, the question is, why should I have to go through this? By 
> paying for the license, I should be able to create a stack to do 
> pretty much whatever I want without having to jump through such 
> hoops. At the very least, all of these limits should be doubled for 
> standalones produced from a licensed copy of Revolution. That too is 
> arbitrary, but would still protect Run Rev from their evident fear of 
> my producing a competing product. It also rewards me for purchasing 
> the product from them by lifting some of the limits imposed on 
> standalones produced without giving them some income (i.e., only 
> using the starter kit.)
> Of course, if these limits are actually imposed by MetaCard, I don't 
> know if there is any easy way around this for them. However, they 
> could still push to have all of these limits increased. It would make 
> the product more applicable to a wider range of developers. If 
> HyperCard were cross-platform and still produced, I wouldn't have to 
> deal with these issues.

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