Can I use Revolution for this?

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Sat Aug 3 04:40:01 EDT 2002

At 8:00 pm -0700 2/8/02, Dan Shafer wrote:

>Wow. This is a bit surprising. I can see the rationale for the new
>script-size limitation and I suppose the do command sort of would be
>a back-door way around that limit if it weren't imposed. But it
>*will* artificially (and I think unnecessarily) limit some kinds of
>applications which won't be able to be built using the product. I
>suppose there are justifications for this kind of thing but it
>always makes me wonder about the priorities of the publishers of the
>software. It too often seems -- and I'm not making this judgement
>here about Revolution, so don't go jumping on me! -- that some
>publishers are more worried about protecting themselves against the
>extreme unlikelihood that someone would essentially use their
>product to create a competitor than they are about the ultimate
>usability of the tool.

To the sound of a hundred pairs of boots landing on Dan.. :)

Perhaps it's a misunderstanding of what the script limits mean, but I 
don't see how they limit the kinds of products you can build and 

You can build (as a licensed user) applications that contain scripts 
of any length. You can distribute these applications to users as 
standalones, and they can use them without any restrictions. The only 
thing your users can't do is edit scripts, which seems fair to me.

I've always liked the simplicity of the licensing model -- to edit 
scripts (over 10 lines) you need a license. Beyond that, you can 
pretty much do what you want.


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