Can I use Revolution for this?

Dan Shafer dan at
Fri Aug 2 20:57:01 EDT 2002

>Thanks for the reply. There are some great ideas here. Hopefully 
>some others will chime in as well.
>If I can't do this in Revolution, I'll likely end up going to Python 
>(maybe PythonCard if I can ever get it to work under OS X), Java (I 
>could use Jython), or possibly SmallTalk if the new version of 
>VisualWorks non-commercial adds good OS X support. (I notice that 
>you have more than a passing interest in these other languages and 
>environments as well ;-)

You might say that! :-)

I don't think Smalltalk has *yet* -- after all these years -- solved 
the delivery packaging problem.  Actually, the Squeak team may be 
closer to that than the VW guys.

PythonCard, alas, won't really work well under OS X until wxPython 
works well under OS X. I'm being told by people who probably know 
that this isn't likely to happen before the end of the year. I'm in 
the same boat. I'd rather use PythonCard for lots of my projects than 
RR (principally because of its object orientation and because Python 
is the best programming language I've ever seen), but it's not ready 
for OS X prime time yet.

Jython might be viable.

But I suspect you're going to find that you can do everything you 
need to do in RR, actually. At least I didn't read any deal breakers 
in what I saw from your note. But I'm sure Jeanne and others will 
jump in here at some point. Maybe the weekend is slow.

Take Care. Always nice to run into a fellow "old timer" in HyperWorld.

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