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Geza Lakner MD geza67 at
Tue Dec 4 13:36:01 EST 2001

Hello Chipp,

> Very Impressive. My buddy who programs JAVA, C, Python, TKL, C++ etc said he
> couldn't do the same and tested on all platforms in under 3 weeks! Kudos for
> this programming environment!
Just look at the "dark side of the moon" :-) : REBOL (
Although not an IDE just a script interpreter, it has full
cross-platform GUI support. You only need to deploy a 500K exe (the
interpreter itself and your script. The "teaching example" of REBOL is
an 8K (!) instant messenger with bells and whistles (GUI) ... Like
Rev, it is a commercial product, with a quite different licensing
scheme. The free version of REBOL has no code length limitation but
restricts access to the OS (e.g. no external command execution, no DLL
importing, no ODBC). It has a VERY strong parsing engine (give way lex
& yacc :-)  ) with inherent and instant BNF syntaxes parsing ...

Now the cons: the REBOL language is definitely NOT for those familiar
with traditional programming languages (C, Java, Pascal and
alikes)- it has strong roots in FORTH and LISP/Scheme and has some
functional programming flairs, too. BUT even therefore it has FULL
introspective capabilities (code IS data and data IS code: they are
equivalent in representation; producing self-modifying code is almost
an obligatory excercise :-)) ), is very expressive and code
readability is nearly unprecedented.

Worth to look at it!

Best regards,
 Geza                            mailto:geza67 at

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