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Sat Dec 8 02:55:48 EST 2001

At 9:08 AM -0800 12/4/2001, Steve Messimer wrote:
>1.  When a standalone is created are all the resources (Graphics sounds
>movies ) incorporated directly in the application?

Anything that is in the stack is included in the standalone application,
but external files referenced by the stack are not automatically included.
(Normally you'd put these into a "data stacks" folder in the same folder as
the app - the Distribution Builder has an option to create such a folder.)

Just to clarify, audio clips, video clips, and images created with the
paint tools or with the "Import as Control" submenu are part of the stack,
and become part of the standalone when it's created. Movies and sounds
displayed in a player rather than an audio clip or video clip, and images
created with the "New Referenced Control" submenu, are not part of the
stack and they remain external files after the standalone is created.

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