Your scripts as a flowchart

Andreas Bergendal andreas.bergendal at
Fri Sep 15 10:30:41 EDT 2023

Hi all!

Those frequenting the forums may have seen this already, but I thought I'd share it here too now:

If you want to see a graphic map of the inter-relations of all the handlers in the scripts of your LiveCode projects, my tool ScriptDependencies now features an extremely cool flowchart output (using the Mermaid javascript lib).

Here’s an example of how a script flowchart can look:

A few easy steps to test it on your own scripts:

1) Download ScriptDependencies here:

2) Open the stack, click the top left cog wheel and add at least one stack (that has at least some handlers calling other handlers) to a project.
3) Close the project pane and click "Start mapping and analysis”.
4) Click ”Create flowchart”. Boom! :)

On Mac, the browser widget can display the flowchart in-stack, enabling some interactivity (click a node to highlight the arrows to and from it).
On Windows and Linux, where the browser widget has, er... room for improvement…, the flowchart is instead displayed in an external browser window (minus interactivity).

My intention with ScriptDependencies is to provide a code analysis and live documentation tool (of some kind) for LiveCode projects. I need it myself for some big LC projects, and thought it might be useful also for other LC devs.

The tool has been thoroughly tested by LC veterans like bn (Bernd), jacque (Jacqueline) and mwieder (Mike), who have all provided invaluable feedback and improvement suggestions, bringing the tool up to quite a professional level.

I hope you’ll find use for it - or at least enjoy seeing your scripts presented as a bouquet of flowers, a piece of art! :)

Any feedback is very welcome!


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