Fwd: One last thing

William Prothero prothero at earthlearningsolutions.org
Sun Jun 18 10:49:01 EDT 2023

Thanks for your comments. I've described my progress below and will post my solution when I can return to this project. 

> Actually, I have had to suspend work on the project and I decided, at least temporarily, to use my desktop version, which works great in the development mode. I use the app to record and analyze water meter readings from my acre, which has 5 meters and we have a huge water bill.
> I am leaving town for 3 weeks, soon and need to get my physical watering situation working and tested before that, so my fruit trees and landscaping doesn't go water hungry. I have to prioritize that, for a bit.
> But, I'll get back to the project when I return and will let folks on the list know what the problem was.
> Thanks for your insights, though. They helped me move ahead, even though I wasn't able to finish right now.
> Best, 
> Bill

William A. Prothero, PhD
Prof Emeritus, Dept of Earth Science
University of California, Santa Barbara

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