User Experience Success (or not quite) (was Re: Code-Signing Frustration)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jun 16 14:40:02 EDT 2023

William Prothero wrote:
 > Matthias' document on code-signing is very detailed. I should
 > have used it from the start.

You would have been more likely to use it if it was built in with 
guidance to do so.

The value opportunity of tools like LiveCode is:

     The shortest path from ideation to deployment.

This will never be a single step, but the design process for a toolkit 
like this is the process of continually removing steps in that journey.

The shorter that ideation-deployment distance is relative to the vast 
range of alternatives powering the 21st century's software revolution, 
the more clearly LC distinguishes itself, stands out from the crowd.

If we say, "Well packaging is a drag in every tool", we're aiming low.

Matthias' tool is great, but it's entirely invisible to newcomers. 
Heck, as we see here, its invisible to devs who've been using LC for 
decades.  You have to know about it to to use it. It simply isn't in the 

Whether it gets bundled or similar functionality is integrated through 
some other means is less important.

The important point here is:

- The world is making a LOT of software.

- Little of that is made with LC.

- LC has a hundred untapped opportunities like this
   to improve the developer experience in ways
   that can more than offset the cost of learning
   an unusual language and workflow.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

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