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Hi all,

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>> I am looking for a support email at GOOGLE Dev.
>> My problem is the search engine of Google Play Store.
>> Just like the subject says. ;-)
> Oh right, I'm supposed to read the subject title. Oops. This is the closest thing I could find:
> <>
> They don't make it easy.

just received a response from Google.

It is completely generic, does not make any sense to me, but it looks like they do NOT 
search for the correct and complete title of an app in their database. :-/

Maybe I do not understand it correctly?
Hi Klaus,

Thanks for contacting Google Play Developer Support.

Google Play app search works across title, developer name, and app descriptions. 
Your title should be unique and accessible, avoid common terms, and reinforce 
what your app is about.

Using common or generic words like "Puzzle" or "Sports" can often increase the 
total number of potential search results, thus making your app more difficult to find. 
Using the search phrase Sehen-Hören-Merken forces our search engine to autocorrect 
the search term and return results as if the search term were "Sehen - Hören - Merken" (in quotes).

For more information about Google Search Operators, please see this Google Search Help Center article.


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