What is your best practice for setting a script in a script?

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Sat Jul 15 20:23:18 EDT 2023

On 15/07/2023 21:29, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> All good suggestions so far, but not what I was after, which was 
> whether there is any better way to have the script you are setting the 
> newly created object to, readable, in the script that setup of the new 
> object. If a behavior script is used or properties or objects then I 
> can not read (and potentially revise) the script right in the script 
> that is making the object. I have to open something else if I want to 
> revise the script. Of course I can have a comment that says "look here 
> for the script" and it is generally obvious from "set the script of 
> button "Sample" to <some property and/or object reference>.
OK, how about this ?

> on mouseUp
>    -- using special comments to set script of another object
>    local tmp
>    put the script of me into tmp
>    filter tmp with "*--1 *"
>    replace "--1 " with empty in tmp
>    set the script of btn "B" to tmp
>    --1 on mouseup
>    --1   put "hello world"
>    --1 end mouseup
> end mouseUp

of course, you could have multiple of them --1, --2, etc.

and you could have metadata, say the first line of each "special 
comment" has the object name

--1 -- script for button "abc"
--1 on mouseup
--1 end mouseup


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