Training the AI to write better LiveCode

Andreas Bergendal andreas.bergendal at
Sun Jan 22 06:45:04 EST 2023

In all this, let’s not forget the aspect of simply enjoying coding. Many of us would never stop coding just because a pattern-matching language model can produce ”better” code - just like people haven’t stopped playing chess or go, just because a computer can do it better. 

Coding is an art. It’s creative, it’s a learning experience, it’s beautiful and it’s fun! 
And no tool I’ve seen has made it more fun and inspiring than LiveCode. 

For sure, coding is for many of us also a source of income, and it’s natural to worry about things that may threaten to make our competence obsolete. But coding is also more than typing out the most efficient repeat loops or whatever. It’s about seeing what is needed, how it integrates with the whole UX/UI design process etc.

ChatGPT may be a useful and perhaps somewhat intimidating tool, but humans are still needed to ask it the right questions. Providing good specifications is still one of the most crucial parts of any design process, and I think we’re still ahead of the AIs in that aspect. For how long, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll ask ChatGPT about that… :)

For anyone interested in an accessible intro to AI and machine learning, I can really recommend the free course Elements of AI (, provided by Helsinki University. It made the concept easy to understand, and it was quite fun to go through the various sections. It’s available in several languages.


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