Training the AI to write better LiveCode

christer christer at
Sat Jan 21 14:30:39 EST 2023

Using AI tools like ChatGPT there will be a big push for trying to automate coding with the most popular languages like Python. With more open environments like LiveCode it may get to be harder.It will always be started with by definition incomplete set of start with incomplete definition, and in most cases with also not good definition of an optimal solution. A popular example of a good set of these definitios would be the set of stock moves (buy, sell),  with an objective to get max increase in profits. But to suggest 'short' as a new approach might not happen.Unless you talk about a sizable engine like IBM Deep Blue chess one. And in  quite many languages (like for example in VHDL) there are easily detectable structures creating inefficieces and correct those, but creating novel solutions around requires sufficient knowledge base to suggest those.So, improving coding & efficiency could be a proper tool for the AI in coding but building a system interacting with a normal, creative humans needs innovativeness, which is not creatable just leaning on (always incomplete) knowledge data bases.christer at

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