Standalone riddle

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Jan 13 16:42:18 EST 2023

I have a 2-card stack, very simple. The first card has a plain text list field and an editable 
search field. The user types in a string and the resulting match is displayed on card 2 with 
definitions. The stack requires no inclusions and scripts are extremely basic. I use a native 
Android field for the search term, and since mobile controls will be removed when the card 
closes, I place the search term into a hidden LC field for later reference.

I build for Android using LC 10 dp 4, signed for "development only". If I cable the phone to 
the Mac and do a Test build, the apk runs perfectly. If I build an independent standalone and 
install the apk from Google Drive, it runs fine except when putting the search term into the LC 
field, where it claims there is no such object. It is most certainly there on the card.

I can fix this instance by using "field x of me" but then I get the same error in an unrelated 
line in a different handler. If I fix that one, it moves again. The riddle is why does it 
happen in a standalone apk and not in a cabled test run?

The script snippet from cd 1:

on doSearch pText -- pText extracted from native field
   put word 1 to -1 of pText into pText -- strip trailing spaces
   put pText into fld "searchTerm" -- for reference; ERROR: "no such object"
   ... <retrieve definition, populate a browser widget on cd 2>
   go cd 2

BTW, if I leave the test apk on the phone it continues to work correctly after removing the 
cable. The odd behavior happens consistently on a Pixel 7 phone, an old Huawei tablet and a 
newish Samsung tablet.

If I use Nearby Share to move the working apk from a previously cabled build to another device, 
it also works okay. So something is different when building an independent standalone vs. 
building a test app.

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