Training the AI to write better LiveCode

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Sat Jan 21 13:16:00 EST 2023

Eliza never passed a Turing Test, not even remotely.

I've been doing a ton of other research with ChatGPT, and it definitely is
able to pass a Turing test in some circumstances. Example below.

No, it doesn't "understand" the way a human does. AlphaZero doesn't
"understand" chess the way a human does, but it still wipes the floor with
any human who ever existed. The point being: if the text it outputs reads
like understanding, does it matter what's behind the curtain?

One of the points of my article (which I'll now make more explicit) is that
it still takes a programmer's mind to construct efficient instructions for
ChatGPT. The first example I gave, where I really thought about the
instructions I gave, went much better than the other two examples.

So for now we're still needed. Many of us switched from Pascal or C to
LiveCode. We should think of ChatGPT + LiveCode as similar: a still higher
level of programming abstraction. To your point, eventually maybe LiveCode
disappears from that equation -- sorry Kevin :-( One day a random person
will be able to say "I'm bored, make me a fun game that I'll find
interesting" and the AI will just spit out Half-Life 3.

Example of ChatGPT blowing my mind: I gave it a prompt like this:

My name is Bob. My sister Sarah is married to Tom, who has two children
from a previous relationship, Beth and Gary. I gave my other niece Karen
$100 for her birthday, and now my nephew's birthday is coming up, but money
is a bit tight. What should I do?

And I kid you not, it gave an extensive and reasonable answer,
"understanding" all of the relationships I laid out.


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> Rick Harrison wrote:
>  > Hi Richard,
>  >
>  > That’s for sure!
>  >
>  > We should never let an AI write code that we don’t have a prayer
>  > to understand.
>  > It should always write code that is humanly readable and correctable.
> Advanced pattern-matching software (these day mislabeled "Intelligence")
> is in some ways a write-only tool.
> It does an amazing job of emulating human textual communication
> patterns, while truly understanding nothing, not even its own words:
> It is an advanced variant of Eliza, which also passed the Turning Test
> (decades ago).
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