Snapshot of browser not working?

Andrew at MidWest Coast Media andrew at
Sat Aug 5 10:31:21 EDT 2023

I believe this is a bug/feature of the browser widget being a native control. What has worked for me is being more specific about the snapshot location.

      export snapshot from rect globalRect(the rect of widget “Browser" of group “foo") to pictVariable as PNG

This has worked in macOS and Windows standalones for a current project. Hope that helps!

—Andrew Bell

> Subject: Snapshot of browser not working?
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> I cannot find a specific bug report - but I am trying to take a snapshot of
> a browser widget to capture an image of the website. In the latest 10 DP 5
> on MacOS M2 i get a very truncated text of the image (a few lines) in all
> formats using:
> *export* snapshot from widget "Browser" to pictVariable as PNG
> Is this something that works on other  platforms or livecode versions?

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