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scott at elementarysoftware.com scott at elementarysoftware.com
Sun Aug 6 21:04:02 EDT 2023

I’m having difficulty using a LiveCode-created android app to read a  (4.7 KB) UTF-8 encoded text file off my server. Desktop and iOS versions of the app have no trouble. This is LC 9.6.9 (tsNet version 1.4.9 Business Edition) I don’t actually think this is a tsNet issue since I had previously been using “load URL” syntax and that failed on android as well.  The URL I am attempting to read is:

constant kSolutionsURL="https://elementarysoftware.com/wordlish/wordle_solutions_list.txt"

(I have tried variations using  http:// ,  www.  and also,  not using a constant)

The call to tsNet is formatted:

put tsNetGet("1", kSolutionsURL, tHeaders, "tsNetTransferComplete") into tResult

The (curl?) error I am getting from tsNet is:

tsneterr: (6) Could not resolve host: elementarysoftware.com <http://elementarysoftware.com/>

This seems like such a simple thing, so I’m hoping for an idea from the collective. (After which I will slap my forehead and say, “Duh!”)

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