Quick and simple web demos?

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Fri Sep 30 20:11:40 EDT 2022

Short answers:

1. Yes

2. Yes, but probably not.

3. Yes.

Long answers.

1. Yes, absolutely, it's ideal for quick, easy-to-distribute apps or 
demo samples.

2. Yes, you'll need somewhere to store/give access to the files. But it 
probably won't be Google Drive - you want the files of the app to each 
be accessible via https: (and there are assumptions about their relative 
position in the default build version - may be possible to over-ride 
them and use Google Drive, but I suspect lots more work. Easiest is to 
just have a web server and put the bundle created by  build-for-web up 

3. Yes.

4. There are a few samples, etc.


Note this uses the default-built HTML file, which is pretty unappealing. 
The discussion on the comments says something about replacing it, or 
there have been other examples on the uselist and (more) on the forums 
about this. In one of the LC Global conferences fairly recently, Steve 
Crighton and Michael Macreary did a web app, with custom html/LCS to 
interact to handle resizing etc. Sorry - don't know which one it was, 
and the poor indexing/naming makes it tedious to try to find. It's all a 
bit complex and barely documented for now, but will improve before 
actual release.


On 30/09/2022 20:12, Geoff Canyon via use-livecode wrote:
> Back in the day, I would create quick and simple demos of something I was
> building as a concept, create standalones, and send them to the people I
> wanted to demonstrate to. As an example of an example, suppose I wanted to
> build a simple Eliza-like chatbot. I could throw a field on a card, put a
> "start chat" button on it, and build logic in the field or the card to get
> the job done. A few message handlers for EnterInField and ReturnInField
> would get the job done.
> These days there are at least two flaws with that approach:
> 1. Often the people I want to demo to are using work computers that are
> locked down from random app installs.
> 2. Sometimes I want to build a demo the world at large can see, and clearly
> installing an app from some random person is not the way to do that anymore.
> SO: is it accurate to say:
> 1. The above is possible
> 2. I'd need a web-accessible place to store the files -- would google drive
> be sufficient?
> 3. I'd need to add an HTML5 license to my account
> Any best references for steps to follow?
> Thanks,
> Geoff
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