Quick and simple web demos?

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 15:12:46 EDT 2022

Back in the day, I would create quick and simple demos of something I was
building as a concept, create standalones, and send them to the people I
wanted to demonstrate to. As an example of an example, suppose I wanted to
build a simple Eliza-like chatbot. I could throw a field on a card, put a
"start chat" button on it, and build logic in the field or the card to get
the job done. A few message handlers for EnterInField and ReturnInField
would get the job done.

These days there are at least two flaws with that approach:

1. Often the people I want to demo to are using work computers that are
locked down from random app installs.
2. Sometimes I want to build a demo the world at large can see, and clearly
installing an app from some random person is not the way to do that anymore.

SO: is it accurate to say:

1. The above is possible
2. I'd need a web-accessible place to store the files -- would google drive
be sufficient?
3. I'd need to add an HTML5 license to my account

Any best references for steps to follow?



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