iOS 16! It will not do landscape!

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Sep 15 21:30:10 EDT 2022

Aloha Everyone

Well I was involved in iOS 16. Just yesterday.

It downloaded to my phone (iPhone 13, with Version 16.0 – 20A362) . When I did that, none of stacks of my stacks will do landscape!

stack “wordpuzzle”

on preOpenStack

       if isMobile() then

               mobileSetAllowedOrientations "landscape left,landscape right"

               mobileSetFullScreenRectForOrientations "landscape left,landscape right","0,0,736,414"

                 set the fullscreenmode of this stack to "showAll" -- better for wider screens

       end if

   hide grc "blankScreen"

    setCardCoords "landscape"

end preOpenStack

stack “view_BrowserLandscape”

on preopenstack

   local tBrowser, tOrientations

   set the fullscreenmode of this stack to empty

   put the short name this stack into tBrowser

   put (tBrowser contains "landscape") into sLandscapeOnly

   put "landscape left,landscape right" into tOrientations

   if sLandscapeOnly then

       put "landscape" into sOrientation


       put "portrait,portrait upside down," before tOrientations

   put "portrait" into sOrientation

   end if

   setCardCoords sOrientation

   if isMobile() then

        mobileSetAllowedOrientations tOrientations

   end if


   hide grc "blankImage"

   send "showBrowser" to me in 10 seconds

end preopenstack

Where is the newest download.

LiveCode 9.6.9 RC 1, 10 August 2022

RC 1
Release Notes<>
10 August 2


And it not there!

Did see SivaSiva 1.7.2? It on the iPhone – App Store.

Svasti Astu – Be Well

Get – It free!

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