itemoffset & wholematches

jbv at jbv at
Tue Nov 15 04:33:39 EST 2022

Hi guys,
Thank you all for your answers.

Actually I thought that some "hierarchy"remained (items inside lines)
when using itemoffset, but obviously I was wrong.
I have about 60000 variables to check, so I need my script to be as
fast as possible. I use "replace CR with TAB & CR & TAB in ...", but
as I need to get the exact itemoffset digit, I also need to count
how many items I have added and substract that number from the
result, which is quite cumbersome and slow...

To Jacqueline :
Thanks fro the suggestion, but I have to stick with items and
itemoffset, for some items can contain more that 1 word, like
"pied de biche"...

Le 2022-11-14 14:45, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode a écrit :
> That would deal with the last item in a line - but not the first.
> Should do
>    replace CR with TAB & CR & TAB in ...
> and reverse later if needed.
> Alex.
> On 14/11/2022 18:43, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode wrote:
>> oic. Odd use case. I suppose a lineOffset function followed by is 
>> among the items could be used. If he needs the lines to remain intact 
>> he could also replace cr with tab & cr first.

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