mergAV uses GLOBAL coordinates?

Klaus major-k klaus at
Tue Nov 15 04:55:15 EST 2022

Hi all,

I do not won an iPhone, but some users told me that 
scanning a barcode will show the previewarea way off
from where I definde it.

Here part of my script:
on mergAVMediaAccess pType, pGranted
   mergAVCamSet "microphone", empty

   ## See below...
   mergAVCamSet "rect",the rect of graphic "qr_ios"
See what happens here:
The light green rect behind the (off-set preview) is gr "qr_ios" and nothing else in 
any script that could cause this!

So does mergAV use GLOBAL coordinates?

Any insight very welcome, thank you!



Klaus Major
klaus at

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