Sqlite and Monterey on M1

ludovic.thebault at laposte.net ludovic.thebault at laposte.net
Thu May 12 13:10:36 EDT 2022




Hello All,

I've made an macOS app for my sister that use an sqlite database located in the application support folder (~/library/Application Support/myApp/base.db)

Since she replaced her old mac with an iMac M1, the app cannot write on the database. I've checked the permissions on the folder and the sqlite file and all seem ok.
(-rwxr-xr-x for the database).

The app is not notarized, but at first launch (I recompiled the app with Livecode 9.6.4), an alert to give permissions to the "document" folder is displayed (and accepted).

What I miss ?

Thanks !

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