Anyone any experience with Livecode under Ventura?

Simon Knight smk at
Sat Dec 24 06:23:24 EST 2022

Hi Matthias,

Thank you for your offer. 

I've conducted some more testing and it seems that the issue I am seeing may not be isolated to just Ventura.  Unfortunately not having a copy makes it difficult to report on what is occuring, so I will just describe what I see in Livecode 9.6.8 running on Big Sur.

Before starting I remove Livecode from both Contacts and Calendar in the Privacy Pane using two calls to tccutils.  With the library file installed and my stack file open in livecode I make the request for Calendar data.  The system should present two dialog boxes requesting permission to access first Contacts then Calendar.  When run in the IDE only one gets presented followed by a second stating that access to Calendar data is denied.  This should mean that Livecode is listed in the Privacy Pane but it is not.  This issue may be slightly different to what was being reported to me about Ventura.

I have raised a rambling bug report <> and all the files are attached to this report.  For tests in the IDE I suggest the version of the stack dated 24th dec 2022 and version 1.1.54 of the library.  The built versions use a slightly earlier version of the stack file but the differences are minor.

Link to the form thread : <>  beware that the URLs to Dropbox do work but Dropbox mangles the zips.  It is better to get the files via the bug report.


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