Anyone any experience with Livecode under Ventura?

Simon Knight smk at
Thu Dec 22 15:30:33 EST 2022

Richmond62 is using : ProductName: macOS, ProductVersion: 13.2, ProductVersionExtra: (a)
Stam is using : ProductName: macOS, ProductVersion: 13.0.1, BuildVersion: 22A400

Details from a log file that Richmond62 and Stam reported in the Forum thread.  If I understand what Richmond has written in the thread Livecode was listed in the Privacy Pane and was enabled but my library reported "denied".  Stam's Livecode is not listed and never requests access.

I'm going the thread here :

> On 22 Dec 2022, at 17:00, use-livecode-request at wrote:
> What version LC? There was a version that was exhibiting this behavior, but it was fixed. This may be a regression.

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