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Neville Smythe neville.smythe at
Wed Sep 1 20:51:55 EDT 2021

> On 1 Sep 2021, at 11:36 pm, use-livecode-request at wrote:
> i am not sure, if everyone is aware of it, but standalones that were created with the Starter Plan license will expire as soon as the Startert Plan subscription expires.

Not even Apple is that rapacious.

I used to have a commercial licence back when I was selling stuff (although the economics of software never made sense). Since retiring I have been “freeloading" with the Community edition as a hobbyist, my only LC uses being for personal use, and maintaining admin and operating software I wrote for a not-for-profit sporting organisation, and occasionally contributing bug reports. I can well understand the need for LC to move to a profitable basis, and I would be happy buy a plan if it made sense for our use, but there is no way my NFP association can afford US$1000 every year - or even one year (we would use 3 platforms, and not even the Server is thrown in with the desktop platforms). And a Starter Kit that means the app would stop working when I pass on (I have been around since Hypercard day 1) is an insult. Seems to me the hobbyist use of LC has come to an end. A great pity, but I guess times move on.

I have greatly enjoyed being part of this (mostly) friendly and generous community for many years.

Neville Smythe 

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