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I think if your chapters offered several ways of organizing a project, starting with beginners, and then discussing the various philosophies, say how to name variables, using Levure, setting up MVC, etc, etc.

And you are right to be concerned with how quickly the information gets out of date and new capabilities are introduced. When I think of “book”, I think of a paper based document that sits on my bookshelf. I think, these days, especially with such a dynamic product, new resources are going to be coming out all the time and the idea of a “book” that sits on a shelf is going to limit you.

I know I’m probably stating what you already know, but what I know is that your writings are first rate and I and others have a lot to learn from them.

BTW, I looked at <>
Very impressive as an example of livecode going big!


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>> A sample 'skeleton' app - i.e. complete but not fleshed-out. Initially it would be for a desktop app (the first sequel will cover mobile). It would implement "good practices" for many of the common features, with enough code being there to do something - but the focus should be on the architecture rather than on doing anything useful.
> I released:
> <>
> To cover as much of this topic as I felt comfortable doing. The main issue is that different experienced developers have different opinions about what is the best way to organise an app. LiveCode is very versatile and you can do a really great app organisation that is completely different than another great app. We don’t have a mothership preferred way of doing that, and I didn’t want to force my own bias into people.
> I know that some people are deriving great value from Levure, others prefer using something else. It is a tricky topic to cover because once you release such book, you’re kinda telling all newcomers that the way described in the book is the best way to do it. For example, if I went ahead and added a way of doing all that without Levure, then some people would think that Levure is useless because the only book we have tells you do use something different; if I used Levure, then people would think that if you’re not using it, you’re doing it wrong.
> That is way I stayed into safe topics in that book, I covered stuff that should be applicable to many ways of organising your code. Still, I really think you’ve surfaced an important vacuum in our community, we lack good and documented skeleton apps. The main challenge here is the wording on the e-book, it should be clear that there are other equality valid ways of doing things, and that is OK to tweak the presented approach or even come up with your own.
> Since a lot of this work would involve manipulating stacks and their properties, I suspect that this would work better as a multimedia product with videos and articles.
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