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I didn’t know about <>. Thank you for letting me know of that resource. It looks very useful and I like the user feedback part.

To be clear, it is my intent to stimulate thought toward opportunities, not to complain.

In a way, my ignorance of the lessons link illustrates my point. Where is the marketing? Why aren’t these contributions mentioned in the “This Week In Llivecode” mailing? I am busy with many things other than programming. I read all of the emails from this list. Yet, I didn’t know about this compilation. These could be promoted/marketed, not only to potential new users, but to existing ones. 

I think if folks would check out the example site I mentioned, they would see more what I’m suggesting. <>

Andre Garza’s post about his planning to write a book on some aspect of Livecode programming got me thinking about this. First, I think writing books is useful, but the way many busy folks access information on the internet is in more as smaller more targeted bites. I play jazz keyboard. A couple of years ago, I subscribed to a site that gave me access to jazz song sheet music included in video lessons lasting 30-60 minutes each. At the same time, from a couple other  authors, I got regular (about once a week) emails with short free improv techniques that took me 5-10 minutes to read, but with offers (at a cost) that include more in-depth lessons. I find that I use the short lessons a lot and the longer lessons, that I have already paid for with my one year subscription, very little if at all. Perhaps I’m unusual with a very short attention span, but I suspect I'm more typical. I’m suggesting that there are unused marketing and support strategies that could be beneficial to the Livecode enterprise. Check out the macmost site to see what I’m talking about.

Peace to you all and thanks for all the help you have given me in my projects,

Be well,
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> There is a whole lot more at While these aren't videos, the amount of info there is impressive and lessons are added all the time.
> Personally I find written instructions much easier to follow and they don't require me to spend extra time watching a video and needing to run/pause/run/search for the section I want to review.
> The lessons site should be prominently displayed in the Help menu.
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>> Curry,
>> Your comments echo some of my experiences with Livecode. In olden times, when I realized that I could significantly improve my students’ learning by enlisting computers, I began with HyperCard, went to Supercard, and when it failed at cross platform, I went to Macromedia Director.  I’ve programmed in FORTRAN, Pascal. When Adobe bought and killed Director, I switched my coding to LiveCode.

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