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I am not sure if this can be done/set in tsNET. As far as i know this is set  on the system or router which establish the VPN connection.
One would change the default route to the  VPN tunnel.
That would route all internet traffic through the VPN as long as the VPN connection is established.

In Draytek routers for example it is set directly where the Lan2Lan or DialOut connection is configured. It is labeled  "Change default route to this VPN tunnel"

In the Shimo VPN client for example it is the option "route all traffic through VPN". I do not have the exact english expression, because i have here a GERMAN MacOS and i am not able to force Shimo to display the English GUI. Cannot find the proper de.lproj.


How do you establish the VPN and on which operating system are you?

On MacOS for example it should be possible to use Applescript to change the default route. At least i've read about, that it is possible to disable VPN as default route. So i assume it should be also possible to set it as default.
Here's a site which describes the opposite: Disabling VPN as default route. Maybe that gives you at least an idea.


Matthias Rebbe
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> Am 27.10.2020 um 02:05 schrieb Brian Milby via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com>:
> I have a fairly simple stack that I use to get FedEx tracking data using tsNetPostSync.  It has worked fine until a new VPN connection was added.  The only change that I know is that it no longer allows a split tunnel so everything must go through the VPN.  Assuming that is the issue, how do I configure tsNet to use the VPN instead of trying to connect directly?  (I’m pretty sure that proxy is not enabled yet, but that is probably coming too).  I did try to set the defaultNetworkInterface but it did not seem to have any impact.  For now I am just disconnecting the VPN to pull the data.
> Thanks for any help/pointers,
> Brian
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