DataGrid question...

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Sun Mar 29 22:05:48 EDT 2020

> Working out which cell has been clicked: Sorry, that's not accurate
> either. Yes, we do have that! Also for a long time.


As Curry's now unfortunately out of the conversation, can someone else help
me understand how you work out which cell has been clicked? He said it can
be done but gave no explanation or hint of how. I trust him so it must be
possible. Suppose every field is an image of a checkbox or a series of
figures from a spreadsheet. Without the text being selected, how can you
work out the cell? Better still, if its completely empty, how can you tell?

 'Addressing facts and a general need for accuracy in what we promote'
means promoting the accurate details so we can see where we are going wrong
with our 'minds' that are 'filled up with a lot of wrong info' that we end
up using 'to direct our actions and decisions'. I apologise for having been
misinformed. Is that the way the conversation goes? :)


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