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Sun Mar 29 20:53:14 EDT 2020


 > Fields: Images, yes. Other objects, no. Working out which cell
 > has been clicked, no.
 > Is that ‘fake news’? If so, sad face. If not, still sad face.

Well, sorry but I have to say YES it's largely fake news! :D

I'm ill and no strength for an argument (and BTW it has been a fairly 
"serious" and costly, long-lasting illness I would add; merely glad to 
have stayed out of hospital) so this will be my last word on the subject 
but the facts are crystal clear.

Images: Well-supported in fields, and for a long time!

Working out which cell has been clicked: Sorry, that's not accurate 
either. Yes, we do have that! Also for a long time.

Other objects: That one depends on interpretation. Other standard LC 
objects dragged in? No. Interactive content that can look and function 
just like objects to fill the same need? Yes. Often it works great. From 
checkboxes to charts and tables. I've been very active in this area, and 
so have others.

Not meaning to pick on you, this does not center around you, but it's a 
good example. Just addressing facts and a general need for accuracy in 
what we promote. We've had too much misinformation widely spread over 
the years, and it harms projects when people get their minds filled up 
with a lot of wrong info and use it to direct their actions and decisions.

The field is one such area - greatly underappreciated for its many 
strengths. Many other areas where we've had untrue facts widely spread 
and accepted/repeated/learned as truth. Glad this one was caught early.

Be safe, code quality and in health matters. Bad stuff 
going around.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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