Hide stack change focus not supported 64bit

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sun Mar 29 17:55:28 EDT 2020

On 3/29/20 4:17 PM, Bill Vlahos via use-livecode wrote:
> When I issue the command hide this stack my application window disappears but doesn’t lose focus. The target application that was behind my floating window doesn’t become the frontmost application.

Hiding doesn't change anything but the visibility. If you need to change focus either use "go" 
or set the defaultstack.
> The documentation in 9.5.1 says that hide stack is not supported in 64bit. What is the alternative for MacOS X 64bit to temporarily hide my application?

I think this is a documentation glitch. All the dictionary references in that last paragraph 
aren't showing up, so it isn't clear what the nouns are. But "hide" is still supported as far 
as I know. I think the missing references there are talking about QT commands.

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