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I am with Bob on this.
Oftentimes, just out of stubbornness, I will try to create a "native" solution to some problem. Native here means that I try to force, bend, cajole, whatever, the built-in functionality of LC to make an effect the way I want it. The stubbornness comes from trying to be as lean a possible.
All that when, say, one more field placed in the right spot, and acting nicely will do the same thing. And usually with far less management and with far smaller scripts.
I am trying to get better.

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I did something along these lines some time ago. I needed check boxes to the left of a data grid that scrolled with the grid but remained visible.

Yes your idea of a second object that scrolls with the data grid is the way to go. There is a message that gets sent to a data grid called scrollBarDrag. Trap for that then scroll your other object accordingly.

Bob S

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Has anyone come up with a way to configure a DataGrid (LC9) so that the left most column remains visible when the other columns are scrolled horizontally?

Or is the only way to to do this is to have a separate field to the left of the DataGrid that holds the left column?

Anyone solved this already?

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