OAuth2 was Re: google sheets - anybody doing anything besides mergGoogle

R.H. roland.huettmann at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 09:00:26 EDT 2020

If this would help...

I am using OAuth2 with the Google Calendar with a stack that was originally
developed by Denver77 and had been posted the stack "GoogleCalendarTest" to
the Forum in 2018. It explains clearly how to use Google's oAuthClient and
actually, I was able to receive the client id, the client secret and use
Google's OAuth2 protocol.

Similar, it should work for Google Sheets, Contacts, GMail, etc.

And it works very well up to date. Only, the token needed to be renewed,
and Google requires that the user logs in passing all the authentication
and permission tests if the app has not been registered with Google. A
Google account is required

I will ask permission to post this LiveCode Calendar
"GoogeCalendarTest.livecode" solution again. Or is it still somewhere? I
could not find on the Forum and other places. I made some changes to it.

Otherwise, I would try to recreate it if there is a need and also try to
test it with Google sheets (which I am also using as some clients require

Using any Google apps, some basic JavaScript knowledge is usually helpful
since Google Apps Script (based on JavaScript) is the predominant user
language working with Google apps and it will have to be used in most cases
if server work is needed. Google App Script is not client-side.


Sure, I think, we should develop specialized LC OAuth2 libraries to access
the apps of the big players and make them available for

- Google
- Microsoft
- Apple
- Amazon
- etc.

in a straight-forward way, or at least a step-by-step instruction how to
use their products with LC -- which also needs constant monitoring and
updating for changes such big players introduce from time to time.

Which end user in the corporate world does not work with GMail, GMail
contacts, Microsoft Outlook, etc? At least these are standards in the
corporate world and could increase the attractiveness of LC very much if LC
would offer help for specialized tasks using such apps as their base.


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