Can the Browser widget access dev tools?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Fri Mar 13 06:55:22 EDT 2020

Hi folks,
I understand that the browser widget uses the platform’s default browser engine. The (default?) feature set seems to be limited - e.g. no right-click (on Mac).

There don’t seem to be obvious entries in the dictionary concerning developer tools/menu/option. Please can anyone confirm whether it’s possible to access Safari (Mac) or Chromium (Windows) Developer Tools programmatically from LC - or control the right-click page inspector access (and it’s content once displayed)?

And, just in case I’m taking the wrong direction of travel, the use case is that I’m looking to cobble together a simple test rig to help test page load times on limited bandwidth connections using Chrome’s network throttling settings, as I’m getting bored (& RSI) from the current manual process!

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